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Twisted Nursery Rhymes

A Thrill of the Hunt Anthology

They've lulled us to sleep and soothed us when we were children.
They've offered teaching points and more.
But are they all they seem to be?
Are there hidden messages in our Nursery Rhymes?
From The Cow Jumped Over the Moon to Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater, these authors take some of our favorite nursery rhymes and twist them into stories you want to run from.
Keep the light on and don't read these to your kids.


Featured Story - Veil of Venom by Valerie Puri

Her love is fatal.

Veronique enjoyed the opulent life provided by her well-off husbands. But by her fifth change of last names, people were starting to talk. The problem was, she had quite a time keeping them alive.


Now a shunned and marked woman, by even her closest friends, Veronique must start anew in the City of Love. Her new paramour, Jules Sinclair, a man completely smitten with her, must be careful before he also discovers the fatality of her love.

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